I am Ryan Glanville. I handle the firm's criminal defense cases. I fight to protect my clients' rights. When picking a criminal defense attorney, you need someone who is a skilled litigator and knows the law.


I have handled hundreds of criminal cases. I do not shy away from the tough ones. I have helped clients walk away from charges of murder, criminal sexual conduct, and serious drug crimes. I try a lot of cases. I stay sharp.


I know the law. Because our firm stays at the cutting edge of technology, I know immediately when a new law is passed, or the Supreme Court issues an important decision. I use the law to help gain any advantage I can for my clients.

Bold and Aggressive

I aggressively represent my clients. That means I do not sit back and wait to see what the prosecutors are going to do. I take the case to them. I file motions to ensure my clients get a fair trial. I use the best investigators to follow up on all leads. I don't like surprises at trial, so I leave no stone unturned.

Please call me for an appointment in Ludington at (231) 843-8579, or email me at  [email protected].

Member of:

Criminal Defense Attorney's of Michigan

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers