Laura Thompson here. I grew up in Rochester, Minnesota, where my Dad was a radiologist at the Mayo Clinic. My two brothers went to medical school as well, and they are both radiologists at Mayo. Hi Tom and Bob! So with that background I just had to go to law school. I met Tracy at the University of Michigan Law School, where I graduated cum laude in 1989. We got married in 1990 then we moved to Chicago where I worked at Mayer, Brown & Platt for two years. Then we moved to Western Illinois where I was an Assistant Attorney General in Rock Island for two more years. In 1994, we moved to Tracy's hometown of Ludington and started our law firm together. I was the estate planning attorney, wills and trusts, while Tracy went to court. Over the next several years we had our second, third, fourth and fifth child, and I began staying home more. We hired Ryan Glanville to handle our court cases, and Tracy took over my estate planning work. I even let him replace me as managing partner. I am now a part-time researcher, brief writer and appellate attorney for the firm. Our fifth child, Bruce, just graduated from high school, and Tracy is suggesting that I spend more time at the law office. We'll see about that.   

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